Plastruct Styrene
Super-Centre Display

The most comprehensive selection of Styrene Plastic Structural shapes for all facets of scratch building. Over 200 different products totalling over 400 retail packages requiring less than four square feet of floor space.

A complete range of structural shapes in multiple sizes to suit most model builders at most scales. Also a comprehensive range of Styrene Strips and rods to modify or construct additional styles – unlimited uses. This unit also includes an economical range of plain plastic sheet for scratch model building as well as a unique variety of patterned Styrene sheets to represent sidings, flooring, roofing and water.

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PLEASE NOTE: the Super-Centre contains 2 packs of each code listed here
AFS-1P – Angles TFS-2P OWTS-12P MS-312P MS-60P MRQ-100P PS-34P
AFS-2P TFS-3P OWTS-16P MS-316P MS-80P MRQ-125P PS-35P
AFS-3P TFS-4P OWTS-20P MS-319P MS-100P MRT-30P – Triangular Rod PS-47P – Clapboard
AFS-4P TFS-6P OWTS-24P MS-325P MS-125P MRT-40P PS-49P
AFS-6P TFS-8P OWTS-32P MS-406P MS-160P MRT-60P PS-52P
AFS-8P UFS-2P – Deep Channels HRS-2P – Hand Rail MS-408P MS-190P MRT-80P PS-56P
AFS-10P UFS-3P HRS-4P MS-410P MS-250P MRT-100P PS-148P – Tread Plate
AFS-12P UFS-4P LS-2P – Ladders MS-412P MR-10P – Round Rod MRT-125P PS-150P
BFS-2P – I Beams UFS-6P LS-4P MS-416P MR-15P MRX-20P – Hexagonal PS-151P
BFS-3P UFS-8P SRS-2P – Stair Rail MS-419P MR-20P MRX-30P PS-152P
BFS-4P ZFS-2P – Z Bars SRS-4P MS-425P MR-25P MRX-40P PS-154P
BFS-5P ZFS-3P STAS-2P – Stairs MS-608P MR-30P MRX-60P PS-155P
BFS-6P ZFS-4P STAS-4P MS-610P MR-35P MRX-80P MRP-20P – Pentagon Rod
BFS-8P ZFS-6P MS-102P – Strips MS-612P MR-40P MRX-100P MRP-30P
BFS-10P ZFS-8P MS-103P MS-616P MR-45P MRX-125P MRP-40P
BFS-12P TB-1P – Coated Wire MS-104P MS-619P MR-50P SSS-101P – Sheets MRP-50P
BFS-14P TB-2P MS-106P MS-625P MR-60P SSS-102P MRP-60P
BFS-16P TBFS-3P – Round Tube MS-108P MS-810P MR-80P SSS-103P CLS-8P – Caged Ladder
BFS-18P TBFS-4P MS-110P MS-812P MR-100P SSS-104P CLS-16P
BFS-20P TBFS-6P MS-112P MS-816P MR-125P SSS-106P HRS-8P – Hand Rail
CFS-2P – Channels TBFS-8P MS-116P MS-819P MR-160P SSS-108P HRS-16P
CFS-3P TBFS-10P MS-119P MS-825P MR-190P SSS-110P LS-8P – Ladder
CFS-4P TBFS-12P MS-122P MS-1012P MR-250P SSS-125P LS-12P
CFS-5P STFS-4P – Square Tube MS-203P MS-1016P MRH-30P – Half Round SSM-101P LS-16P
CFS-6P STFS-6P MS-204P MS-1019P MRH-40P WPSB-208 – Water effect LS-24P
CFS-8P STFS-8P MS-206P MS-1025P MRH-60P WPSB-308 SRS-8P – Stair Rail
CFS-10P STFS-10P MS-208P MS-1216P MRH-80P WPSB-408 SRS-16P
HFS-2P – H Columns STFS-12P MS-210P MS-1219P MRH-100P PS-10P – Corrugated STAS-8P – Stairs
HFS-3P RTFS-8P – Rect. Tube MS-212P MS-1225P MRH-125P PS-11P STAS-16P
HFS-4P RTFS-10P MS-216P MS-1619P MRH-160P PS-13P – Ribbed  
HFS-5P RTFS-12P MS-219P MS-1625P MRH-190P PS-16P  
HFS-6P STS-2P MS-225P MS-1925P MRH-250P PS-24P – Corrugated  
HFS-8P STS-3P MS-304P MS-10P – Square Strip MRQ-30P – Qtr. Round PS-26P
HFS-10P OWTS-4P – Open Web T MS-306P MS-20P MRQ-40P PS-31P – Wood Planking
HFS-12P OWTS-6P MS-308P MS-30P MRQ-60P PS-32P
TFS-1P – Tees OWTS-8P MS-310P MS-40P MRQ-80P PS-33P
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